Bush tea is the term natives often use for an herbal tea made from a local plant or herb. A bush tea is more than just a beverage, users associate it with healing. Therefore, many bush teas have been used in some comminities for generations.

Bush tea benefits are as varied as the plants that make them. Traditional bush tea benefits range from treatment for the common cold and flu, digestive issues, diabetes, and even some cancers.

Bush tea recipes are generally passed down by word of mouth through generations.

As more people become interested in alternative medicine and natural remedies, the use of bush teas for health benefits is growing. So this site is all about my own experience with bush teas, their uses, and benefits.

a cup of tea with a spoon and a dried leaf

Cultural Significance

Each culture has its unique blends made of specific herbs, leaves, and roots used to make bush tea. So knowing which plants to use and how to prepare them is an important part of of a cultures heritage. And in every community there is one bush tea that stands above the rest.

Bush Tea Jamaica

In Jamaica, drinking bush tea is an important part of the culture. Herbal teas play a vital role in both healing and a connection to centruries old tradition. So let’s take a look at a few unique Jamaican bush teas that have been used as medicine by generations of Jamaicans.

Bush Tea Africa

The abundance of plants on the continent of Africa offers an extensive choice of African bush teas. The tea do not only offer delightful array of flavors, but they contribute to the rich cultural heritage of African traditional medicine. Let’s look at a few bush tea benefits out of Africa.

Bush Tea Asia

Bush teas, also known as herbal teas or medicinal teas, are widely consumed in various countries across Asia. These herbal (bush) teas hold cultural and medicinal significance dating back centuries. Here are three widely used bush teas in Asia.

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